Welcome to the POQ Player Squad!

The POQ Player Squad (PPS) - An organization for Halo PC and Halo CE players who enjoy playing on the POQclan.com Halo Servers. Join the Forum group and/or the Xfire group.
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Welcome to the POQ Player Squad!

Unread postby PÕQ~Technut » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:32 pm

We look forward to many of the players from our Halo servers joining us here in the PPS forum section!

The members of PÕQ Clan hope to get to know you better as you post here. And at the same time you will have an opportunity to get to know us and your fellow players too!

If you haven't already, please feel free to also join us on Xfire.
The POQ Player Squad (PPS) on Xfire
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