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Post here if you have been banned from the PÕQ Server(s) and you want us to consider unbanning you.
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Unban request

Unread postby Artemis » Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:56 am

Server: POQclan.com PC18: ! 1000V DC
Halo Name: San
Ban Date: 16/07
Ban Time: 16:00 -5GMT
PÕQ Players in server: PÕQ~D_Nukem
Banlist entry: not listed
Explanation: So, BadforGood accused me of cheating and Nukem banned me. I've been called a lot of times bot, hacker, waller (even names)... But I don't cheat! I always tell them they can sj me if they want. Krazy1 did it once and got nothing (probably more than once). Please unban me, I really enjoy playing on your DC servers.

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Re: Unban request

Unread postby PÕQ~Technut » Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:27 pm

You seem to be a little too good at spotting camo'd enemies. Is camo not rendered properly on your computer? It should be virtually transparent.

I'm going to unban you but we will be keeping an eye on your gameplay to determine if there is any element of cheating. And if camo'd players are standing out on your screen then you should work on fixing that. You can PM me a screenshot or video of what camo looks like to you if you want me to help you fix it. Leaving it intentionally visible for an advantage will be considered a form of cheating.

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