Requesting sigs, avatars and other graphics

Request a Signature, Avatar or other graphic/image for the forums, or talk about them
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Requesting sigs, avatars and other graphics

Unread postby PÕQ~Technut » Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:35 am

If you are requesting that someone make you a sig, avatar or something else, please save everyone time and effort by being as specific as possible in your original request.

Things to mention are the size, colors, images to include, and any text (your name, a phrase, etc).

The size limits for images on this forum (other forums may vary) are:
Sigs: 700px wide by 360px tall
Avatars: 170px wide by 200px tall
Image linked in a post: 700px wide by 480px tall (anything larger will be resized)

Userbars are generally a standard size: 350px wide by 19px tall

As a courtesy to others, the overall vertical height of your signature section on this forum should not exceed about 400 pixels. Please make use of the Left/Right and Hidden BBcodes to keep the visible portion of your signature smaller than that.
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