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Announcement: Welcome new member - PÕQ~killeR~
Posted: PÕQ~Technut @ Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:51 pm
Please join me in welcoming a new member to PÕQ Clan!


Forum Profile: ... ile&u=3704

Happy to add another great member to the clan! :great:
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Announcement: Welcome new member - PÕQ~SPARTA
Posted: PÕQ~Technut @ Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:03 pm
Please join me in welcoming a new member to PÕQ Clan!


Forum Profile: ... ile&u=3705

Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself here! :toocool:
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Announcement: stats will be reset January 1, 2015
Posted: PÕQ~Technut @ Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:26 am
Our stats will be reset
at the beginning of each month

(starting January 1, 2015)

If you take an interest in the player ranking system at (eg. our PC1 server stats) then you'll probably find it even more interesting soon.

Starting January 1st we will be clearing and restarting the stats on our servers every month. That means you'll earn bragging rights for a month at most, and then you'll get a fresh start and another chance to prove (or improve) your ranking.

The top 5 players for each server are listed on the GameTracker banners on our server page. Click on the banners to see deeper ranking information.

If you want to record your old stats before we reset them, do it soon! :halo4:
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Announcement: Xfire nicknames broken (again)
Posted: PÕQ~Technut @ Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:09 pm
Xfire is breaking people's nicknames again. :mad

Some Xfire nicknames are not showing up (you see just part of their name, or their username instead).
Or you may see a diamond-shaped character in the nickname (eg. P�Q).

It's more obvious if you look at your nickname on the Classic site.

If you are one of the people with a broken nickname please fix it by typing in your Xfire nickname again, here:

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Announcement: Website new look!
Posted: PÕQ @ Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:07 pm has a new look!

Thanks to the talents of PÕQ~Storm, our main website is sporting a fresh new look!
And it will be easier to maintain and update it too!

Check it out for yourself HERE.

Thanks Storm! Great work as always!
:banana :yipi:

Patience please: direct links to certain pages still need to be updated.
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Announcement: Halo Master Server temporary performance problems - FIXED
Posted: PÕQ~Technut @ Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:15 pm
Halo Master Server temporary performance problems

If you're getting an error message today (Nov 13) about the "GameSpy master server", it's because Bungie (who now run the master server) are doing some updates on their server.

The updates are taking longer than expected and are causing some performance problems while they are being installed, but the server will be back in full operation as soon as they are completed (no ETA... likely later today/tonight).

In the meantime you can still join our servers by Direct IP (eg.
Or through Xfire:
Or through HAC 2 (if you have bookmarked our servers).
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Announcement: PÕQ Clan adds 15 new servers!
Posted: PÕQ~Technut @ Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:29 pm
PÕQ Clan adds 15 new servers!

We now offer 27 Halo PC and CE servers for your enjoyment! All our servers are listed here. We have also added the new servers to our Xfire list for your convenience.

Among the 11 new PC servers are an Infinity server, a Timberland server and a Zombies server.

And 4 of the PC servers are dedicated to exploring Custom Maps, including some with vehicles and weapons that you've never seen before on Halo PC. Many of these maps have been brought over from Halo CE (and tweaked) by our own PÕQ~Nk_Chick. To explore these new maps please install HAC 2.

Our 4 new CE servers offer more custom maps to supplement our already popular ColdSnap and Ambush servers. Choose from Helix Canyon, Corrupted, Ascension and The Pit. Again, we recommend you install HAC 2 to automatically receive these maps when you join our servers.

All of our servers are subject to change, so check them out soon if you want to experience these particular maps with us!

Here's a few examples:
POQ Island (based on the CE map)

POQ Precipice (based on the CE map)

POQ Presidio (based on the CE map)

POQ Control Room (based on the Halo B40 level)

Helix Canyon



The Pit
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Announcement: HAC 2 update error when starting Halo (Oct 6)
Posted: PÕQ~Technut @ Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:17 pm
If you have HAC 2 installed for Halo PC or Halo CE you might be seeing an "Update error" 302 when you start Halo.


In this case it is NOT being caused by your antivirus, despite what the error message says.

It looks like the HAC 2 website is temporarily down
which is causing the check-for-updates to fail.

If you just click OK then you should be able to use Halo anyway. And the error will stop showing up once their website comes back online.
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Announcement: Forum text colors updated
Posted: PÕQ~Storm @ Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:05 am
The font colors have been remastered* :yipi:

PÕQ~Technut wrote:
You'll need to force a full refresh of the web page. For most browsers you can do it by holding down the Control key while you hit the Refresh/Reload button in the browser.


Picture of the old layout for reference:

* only when making forum posts
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Announcement: Forum smilies/emoticons updated
Posted: PÕQ~Storm @ Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:39 am
These orange dudes
:ha :wtf :crazy :love :sick :vamp

and these shiny gold fellows

:D :coolio: :great: :yes: :surprised: :yipi: :nana: :whip: :whisting:

have had their ugly white fringes removed.

If your emoticons don't look nice and smooth against the background like the image below, please refresh your browser.


Emote responsibly :party:
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